DAKU transport is a leading company in the field of goods transport. Our aim is to provide transport of high standards, which fulfills all the requirements of our customers!" - 

-Transportation of Goods - 3.5 Tons to 24 Tons - 15 m3 to 125 m3  

-Dismantling / Packaging 

 -Daku Transport has been on the market for several years and offers you the service of transporting goods inside and outside Albania throughout Europe. 

-Safe, fast and guaranteed shipping available. 

-We transport weights from 2.5 to 24 tons or from 15 cubic meters to 125 cubic meters. 

We serve with loading-unloading workers showing maximum care. 

Thanks to our hard work and dedication, Daku Transport turned into one of the best businesses in Albania, which meets the highest criteria of excellence in business.